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Beginner's Guide to Craps

Craps has been dated back as far as the 12th century in the Middle East. The name Craps derives from the Arabic dice name “Al-Zahr”. Craps is commonly known as hazard by many European players. The game has gained tremendous popularity in both England and France. The game has made its way around the world, with new rules and terms been developed.

The official popularisation of the game was not until the 20th century when the game made its way to Las Vegas. Craps is not only a popular casino game, but was also extremely popular on the streets of many urban cities in North America. Craps is another version of the word “crabs” which is used to describe the losing roll of 2.

The rise of the Internet, has increased the popularity of this casino game. Online Craps has attracted more fans and gained an even wider reach. However, the thrill of the game has not changed. Whether you are playing from the comfort of your home or in your favourite land based casino, players can enjoy this exciting casino game equally.

Playing Online Craps is fairly simple. Players firstly need to place their bets. The dealer will then roll the dice and collect all losing bets, while paying out all winning bets before the next round begins. Sounds easy- that’s because it is. However, understanding the different betting options may be a little overwhelming at first.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced player looking to polish your Craps knowledge and skills, download this informative FREE e-book from Golden Riviera Casino. This guide will have you ready in no time, playing for massive jackpots.

Not only does this guide inform you about how to play, but it also gives you in-depth insights into the history of the game and the lingo used when playing craps.

Ours is not only a beginner’s guide to Craps, but the whole package from history to strategy. No matter what your Craps knowledge or experience is, you’ll find something new and interesting in our free Beginners Guide To Craps ebook. 

This exclusive ebook contains
  1. History Of Craps
  2. Rules Of Craps
  3. Craps Odds
  4. Craps Bets
  5. Craps Lingo

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 Craps E-Book

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